Roman Shades

Roman shades offer the flexibility of a privacy window treatment and make a decorative statement in your room. Shades use less fabric than full draperies and are easy to use.

A clean, crisp look for all interior window styles, this Flat Roman Shade can be installed inside or outside the window frame and looks great in all size windows. Hand-tailored, our Flat Roman Shade provides a clean and elegant finish to any room. A permanent bottom fold exists to stack neatly when raised. Control is positioned behind the shade. A small stitch will show where the rings are attached.

Custom-sewn with uniform, hobbled folds spaced 8 1/2″ apart, this Pleated Roman Shade has extra body and produces a dramatic, cascading effect. When raised, folds form and stack neatly on top of one another. Shade control is positioned behind the shade. We like this shade best as an outside the frame mount in order to achieve uniform pleating and full coverage of the glass area.

One of our most popular modern window shade options that looks wonderful in any room. It is crafted with inverted pleats at the top of the shade with a soft swag and teardrop tails at the bottom. We recommend that it be mounted outside the window frame, as there is a tendency for the sides to curve inward due to gravity. An inside mount works if you are planning side panels over this treatment.

This window shade option works well on French doors when mounted on the 1 1/2″ board. It’s clean look blends with both traditional and contemporary room styles and is available with room darkening lining.